Koncert Izven okvirja
Koncert Izven okvirja Foto: Luka Rudman

28th annual concert Outside the frame

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On Saturday, October 2nd 2021, Viva's 28th annual concert took place in the castle courtyard of the Posavje Museum in Brežice, this time under the title "Izven okvirja – Outside the Frame".

In cooperation with the folklore group KUD Oton Župančič Artiče, we designed the concert as a choral-dance experience, the central part of which was formed by three novelties of young composers Klara Mlakar, Matej Kastelic and Krištof Strnad. With the concert programme, we ventured into the field of the mystical, unknown, and divinity of our ancestors intertwined with singing and dancing, honouring three ancient deities: Pramati Luna, Morana and Vesna. The musical accompaniment on various folk instruments was provided by the composers themselves, and the dance scene in a black and white guise, symbolizing the struggle between good and evil, between light and darkness, between the heavenly and the earthly, was masterfully set up by the excellent folklorists of KUD Oton Župančič Artiče. The stage setting was created by Anja Cizel.

In the final part of the concert, the mayor of the Municipality of Brežice, Mr Ivan Molan, director of the Posavje Museum Brežice MS Alenka Černelič Krošelj, and the president of KD Mixed Choir Viva Brežice Ana Špiler thanked the choir and especially our choir director Simona Rožman Strnad, who has been leading Viva for 29 years, for the many contributions and the artistic management of the project. Diana Kosar, the president of the regional branch of JSKD Brežice, also awarded two jubilees Gallus badges to Krištof Strnad (for more than 5 years of creative contribution) and Kaja Rožman (for more than 10 years of creative contribution) as part of the concert for active involvement in the field of amateur vocal music.

With the concert Outside the Frame, all the performers stepped outside the framework of their creation, yet still took into account the laws of choral music and folk dance, which made the evening unique and proves the endless possibilities of re-creation.

We are honoured to have co-created this project with KUD folklorists Oton Župančič Artiče, who belong to the very top of Slovenian folklore. Two years ago, we collaborated with them for the very first time, namely at their annual concert, which they called "Za v okvir – Into the Frame." The collaboration was just calling for a continuation, except that this time we stepped outside the frame.

Lara Oštrbenk, Mateja Jankovič Čurič (English translation by Aljaž Arh) 

>> Articla in local newspaper "Posavski obzornik" with a video clip

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