Foto: Luka Rudman
Foto: Luka Rudman

Viva's Gala Dance

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On an early summer evening, on Friday, June 24th 2022, an exceptional event took place in the castle courtyard of the Posavje Museum in Brežice, among the many that we have already prepared for our 30th anniversary – Viva's Gala Dance.

In an atmosphere of relaxed summer elegance, we prepared a wide range of 30 dance tracks for our listeners and dancers, to which they could chat, toast and above all, dance with the choir, the instrumentalists, vocalists and guest musicians. Both the visitors and choir members danced a plethora of dances, including the English waltz, foxtrot, rock and roll and many more.

Vivika Ivanka Černelič Jurečič took care of the sophisticated green-purple scenography with lavender, dancing shoes and colourful lights. Soloists Aljaž Arh, Žan Bračun, Alenka Černelič Krošelj, Ivanka Černelič Jurečič, Maruša Ferenčak, Dean Jan Petan, Kaja Rožman, Veronika Strnad, Hana Sambunjak, Amir Tokić, Florijan Volčanšek, Judita Volčanšek, Sabina Žibert, Jelka Žnideršič in Jurij Žnideršič also performed under the starry night and lights. The evening was also enlivened by the altos’ ‘’Samo Ljubezen’’, the sopranos’ ‘’Hajde da Ludujemo’’, and the group Les Pesares, consisting of choir members Lovro Jurečič, Žan Bračun and Krištof Strnad. On a warm summer night, our voices were accompanied by musical guests Lovro Frelih on piano, Sebastjan Podlesnik on bass and Mitja Kuselj on drums, as well as Vivek Žan Bračun on guitar. The concert was coordinated by our member Lovro Jurečič. The Dular winery and the Sladka zapeljivost confectionery took care of the banquet. Festival Derenda provided the sound and lighting, whilst Luka Rudman took care of the video and photography.

This concert allowed us to swim in unknown waters and find out that we are perfectly fine in them. Thus, Viva continues to live, grow and flourish. We sincerely thank everyone who made Viva’s gala dance a wonderful experience. Thank you to all of the visitors for deciding to dance with Viva this summer.

Now we are going on a well-deserved vacation until the first weekend in September, when we will train our vocal cords (and swimming skills) again in Pacug. See you again on October 22nd 2022, at the celebratory concert for Viva’s 30th birthday.

Eva Oštrbenk (English translation by Aljaž Arh)

Here you can see a short reportage from the event >>

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