Viva Golden at the Nasa pesem 2022

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On the 28th of May 2022, Viva presented itself at the 27th national choir competition Naša pesem. After two years of the epidemic, which hindered our activities, we were proud to perform in the competition of some of the best adult choirs.


Amidst green and violet (2022)

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The audio collection Med zeleno in vijolično – Amidst Green and Violet, is a colourful walk through the compositions performed in the last three years of the choir’s opus, between the years 2019 and 2022. Most of the recordings were recorded ’’live’’ during competitions and concerts, and some were created from archival recordings, whilst a nuance offers a remote shooting as a highlight of a unique period in 2020.

The anthem-like opening Vivat, crescat, florat! represents the composer’s tribute to the 30 th anniversary of Viva, written in September 2022. In shades of green, popular Slovene folk songs are performed in arrangements by important Slovene composers of different generations.

Compositions of a sacred nature are a part of the remarkable stories of Viva’s last competitive programmes. The thematic transition into purple is marked by two completely diverse compositions, which were a product of distance learning during the Covid-19 period.

The magic of purple is characterized by the last four compositions. Andrej Makor’s Genesis was created in 2017 as part of a cycle of four compositions for a choir and an instrumental ensemble, whiten on the occasion of the choir’s 25 th anniversary, and represents a sound painting of the creation of the world (or Viva). Foremother Luna by Klara Mlakar, Morana by Matej Kastelic, and Vesna; The Goddess of Spring by Krištof Strnad belong to the 2021 Outside the Frame project, arranged for a choir, instrumentalists and folk dance. Original combinations of sounds, music, texts and dance deal with mystical Old Slavic rituals and the worship of various goddesses and gods. The performance of the songs without the dancing part was recorded for the archive of Radio Slovenia.

The green-purple colours have shaped Viva’s visual image for 30 years, and therefore, is the sound image in the same colour renderings.

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