Amidst green and violet (2022)

The audio collection Med zeleno in vijolično – Amidst Green and Violet, is a colourful walk through the compositions performed in the last three years of the choir’s opus, between the years 2019 and 2022. Most of the recordings were recorded ’’live’’ during competitions and concerts, and some were created from archival recordings, whilst a nuance offers a remote shooting as a highlight of a unique period in 2020.

The anthem-like opening Vivat, crescat, florat! represents the composer’s tribute to the 30 th anniversary of Viva, written in September 2022. In shades of green, popular Slovene folk songs are performed in arrangements by important Slovene composers of different generations.

Compositions of a sacred nature are a part of the remarkable stories of Viva’s last competitive programmes. The thematic transition into purple is marked by two completely diverse compositions, which were a product of distance learning during the Covid-19 period.

The magic of purple is characterized by the last four compositions. Andrej Makor’s Genesis was created in 2017 as part of a cycle of four compositions for a choir and an instrumental ensemble, whiten on the occasion of the choir’s 25 th anniversary, and represents a sound painting of the creation of the world (or Viva). Foremother Luna by Klara Mlakar, Morana by Matej Kastelic, and Vesna; The Goddess of Spring by Krištof Strnad belong to the 2021 Outside the Frame project, arranged for a choir, instrumentalists and folk dance. Original combinations of sounds, music, texts and dance deal with mystical Old Slavic rituals and the worship of various goddesses and gods. The performance of the songs without the dancing part was recorded for the archive of Radio Slovenia.

The green-purple colours have shaped Viva’s visual image for 30 years, and therefore, is the sound image in the same colour renderings.


Amidst green and violet

Welcome to the additional english content website of sound collection Amidst Green And Violet.

Listen to all of the songs online. English booklet and more available in the download section below.


Vivat, crescat, floreat (1997)

First Viva's CD, following the 5th anniversary (1997).

Listen to some song samples:

Lojze Lebič: Tihi gaj Jakob Jež: Kdaj rože cveto Jakob Jež: 2. suita narodnih - Pleši, črni kos Jakob Jež: Komar z muho

  • Title: Vivat, crescat, floreat! (en. Live, Grow And Flourish!)
  • Year of publishing: 1997
  • List of songs:

    1. Wilhelm Killmayer: Villanella
    2. Jacob Arcadelt: Il bianco e dolce cigno
    3. Felix Mendelsson Bartholdy: Trauergesang
    4. Anton Bruckner: Locus iste
    5. Charles-Camille Saint-Saens: Ave verum corpus
    6. Felix Mendelsson Bartholdy: Slovo od gozda
    7. Lojze Lebič: Tihi gaj
    8. Vilko Ukmar: Skica na koncertu
    9. Samo Vremšak: Zgodaj odhajajo
    10. Ubald Vrabec: Protuletje
    11. Emil Adamič: Rasti, rožmarin
    12. Pavle Merku: Sonce Ljubo
    13. Jakob Jež: Kdaj rože cveto
    14. Matija Tomc: Vuštnejša ja ni
    15. Radovan Gobec: Iz zemlje gre trsek
    16. Jakob Jež: 2. suita narodnih;
    - Barčica
    - Pleši, črni kos
    - Rasla je Jelka
    - Jabolko rudeče
    20. Jakob Jež: Komar z muho

  • Publisher: KD MePZ Viva Brežice, October 2008

Odkar vem zanjo (2002)

Viva's 2nd CD, published following the choir's 10th anniversary (2002).

Listen to some selected song samples:

Zdenek Lukáš: Lacrymosa Gabriel Fauré: Cantique de Jean Racine, Op. 11 Mojca Prus: Odkar vem zanjo Jakob Jež: Igraj kolce

  • Title: Odkar vem zanjo (en. Since I've Known Of Her)
  • Year of publishing: 2002
  • Song list:

    1. Vytautas Miškinis: Gloria, Psalm 112
    2. Zdenek Lukáš: Lacymosa
    3. Pavle Merku: Pater noster
    4. Knut Nystedt: Laudate
    5. Gioacchino Rossini: Ave Maria
    6. Gabriel Fauré: Cantique de Jean Racine, Op. 11
    7. Michael Praetorius: Nun Bitten Wir Den Heiligen Geist
    8. Jaohannes Brahms: Nachtwache 1, Op. 104, št. 1
    9. Mojca Prus: Odkar vem zanjo
    10. Vilko Ukmar: Pa da bi znal
    11. Emil Adamič: Rožmarin
    12. Mihael Rožanc: Dober večer, Bog daj
    13. Pavle Merku: Jnjen čeuá jti gná
    14. Lojze Lebič: Drumlca je zvomlana
    15. Aldo Kumar: Kantaj nineta
    16. Ambrož Čopi: san se šetao
    17. Jakob Jež: Igraj kolce

  • Design: Marko Škofca
  • Publisher: KD MePZ Viva Brežice, October 2008

Vrtiljak (2008)

The carousel of friendship, passion, wishes, dreams, expectations, musical creativity, enthusiasm and elation - that's Viva. Carousel of evergreen songs, memorable Slovenian pop songs, the world's hits and the songs for the soul - that's our third CD, which rounds off the celebration of the jubilee 15th year.

Our travel through these years has been marked with numerous awards and compliments, we had a lot of nice experiences, spend exceptional moments, experience the greatness of victory, felt the devotion to each other. We hope that these melodies are giving away some unforgettable moments to you too. Let it live, grow and flourish!

On our CD from 2008 you will find 12 songs.
Listen to some outtakes:

What A Wonderful World
You Are The New Day
Bohemian Rhapsody
When I Fall In Love
Chanson d'amour
Nad mestom se dani
Na deževen dan
Vrača se pomlad
Pred mano je poletje
Poletna noč
  • Naslov: Vrtiljak (en. The Carousel)
  • Year of publishig: 2008
  • Song list:

    1. What A Wonderful World     
    2. You Are The New Day     
    3. Lullabye     
    4. Bohemian Rhapsody     
    5. When I Fall In Love     
    6. Chanson d'amour
    7. Nad mestom se dani     
    8. Vrtiljak     
    9. Na deževen dan     
    10. Vrača se pomlad     
    11. Pred mano je poletje     
    12.  Poletna noč

  • Sound engineer: Rudolf Gas
  • Production and editing: Gas Studios
  • Mastering: Martin Žvelc
  • Manufactured by: Racman AudioVideo Studio
  • Photography: Maja Sokolič
  • Design: Amir Tokić
  • Texts: Irena Hribar (SI original, F, I), Mojca retelj (GB, D))
  • Publisher: KD MePZ Viva Brežice, oktober 2008

Viva (u)živa (2012)

The CD, which was recorded during our live performance in Krško Culture Hall while feeling the affection our audience, is an independent project and is part of a rich, diverse domestic and international seasons. It is part of our mutual connection that we tend relay to our audience ... As The Beatles sing: Let It Be - Let our music be kept for the time of broken hearts, when the world is changing and for the moments of gratefulness to be able to enjoy the music, which is an indispensable part of life for all of us.

On Viva's altogether 4th and 1st live CD from 2012 you will find 22 songs. Listen to some of them:

And I Love Her Dancing Queen/Waterloo I Am His Child Let It Be Motherless Child Steal Away Sunshine In My Soul Thank You For The Music


  • Naslov: Viva (u)živa - Live CD (en. Viva Enjoying Live)
  • Year of publishing: 2012
  • Song list:

    1.         J. Sweney/E. E. Hewitt/arr. J. Coates, Jr.: SUNSHINE IN MY SOUL
    2.         K. Shaw: PLENTY GOOD ROOM
    3.         Spiritual/arr. C. Davis: SOMETIMES I FEEL LIKE A MOTHERLESS CHILD
    4.         Spiritual/arr. J. Hairstone: ELIJAH ROCK
    5.         Spiritual/arr. M. Tippet: STEAL AWAY
    6.         M. Hogan: I AM HIS CHILD
    7.         Spiritual/arr. K. József:  SWING LOW, SWEET CHARIOT
    8.         Spiritual/arr. N. Luboff: WADE IN THE WATER
    9.         Spiritual/arr. H. T. Burleigh: DEEP RIVER
    10.       Spiritual/arr. M. Hogan: THE BATTLE OF JERICHO

    11.     J. Lennon, P. McCartney/arr. B. Chilcott: YESTERDAY
    12.     J. Lennon, P. McCartney: AND I LOVE HER
    13.     J. Lennon, P. McCartney/arr. K. F. Jehrlander: MICHELLE
    14.     J. Lennon, P. McCartney/arr. K. Shaw: LET IT BE

    15.     B. G. B. Andersson, S. Anderson, B. K. Ulvaeus/arr. D. Lawrence: FERNANDO
    16.     B. G. B. Andersson, B. K. Ulvaeus/arr. R. Allwood, L. Sansun: MONEY, MONEY, MONEY
    17.     B. G. B. Andersson, B. K. Ulvaeus/arr. R. Allwood, L. Sansun: MAMMA MIA
    18.     B. G. B. Andersson, B. K. Ulvaeus/arr. R. Allwood, L. Sansun: S. O. S.
    19.     B. G. B. Andersson, S. Anderson, B. K. Ulvaeus/arr. D. Lawrence: DANCING QUEEN
    20.     B. G. B. Andersson, S. Anderson, B. K. Ulvaeus/arr. D. Lawrence: WATERLOO
    21.     B. G. B. Andersson, B. K. Ulvaeus/arr. R. Allwood, L. Sansun: THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC
                Originalni založnik skladb 15–21: Union Songs Musikforlag AB/Universal Music Publishing.

    22.     T. Hrušovar/D. Velkaverh: DAN LJUBEZNI


    Uroš Brezovšek (5), Janez Budič (5, 14), Lidija Cizel (2), Ines Jagrič (14),
    Alenka Černelič Krošelj (14), Filip Ferenčak (7, 8, 14), Rok Ferenčak (2, 11),
    Irena Hribar (1, 3), Mihaela Kovačič (14), Antonija Kozole (14), Barbara Les (5),
    Boštjan Piltaver (14), Ana Marija Siter (3), Amir Tokić (14), Jurij Žnideršič (14).

  • Sound engineer: Rudolf Gas
  • Production and editing: Gas Studios
  • Mastering: Rudolf Gas
  • Manufactured by: Racman AudioVideo Studio
  • Photography: Matej Kramžer
  • Design: Amir Tokić
  • Texts: Alenka Černelič Krošelj
  • Publisher: KD MePZ Viva Brežice, februar 2012

Kako se ti meni dopadeš (2012)

The CD is a logical consequence of events which marked the celebration of Mixed Choir’s Viva Brežice 20th anniversary in 2012.

Preparation of the program for the jubilee concert and a new album began in 2011 when the choir ordered some fresh folk song arrangements with instrumental accompaniment from a few selected composers. In Slovenian choral environment with a strong folk tradition that was an exception and a challenge at the same time. Were also invited young composers to cooperate in the project, the students at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana.

The range of new arrangements of folk songs and motifs includes plenty of diversity concerning the source of the song, expressiveness, instrumental accompaniment and style ... the sound image extends from quite simply sounding folk motifs to modern interpretations and more complex sound ideas. The common point of the songs is only a declaration of love - a lingering, mischievous, heroic and sincere.

Almost all twelve tracks is primarily folk songs, except for one - serenade from Teharska nobles from composer Ipavec, “Tebi naj se glasi”. It is popular in Brežice town surroundings in original folk embodiment, from which the adaptation is derived. Ten of songs are accompanied instrumentally, and in two of them the composer wanted to follow the originality of Slovenian folk song - in a cappella version.

In short, it is a diverse, interesting, different CD,
which brings freshness to the Slovenian choral environment.

Feel free to listen to some of the song outtakes:

Po polju mi rož'ce cvetijo Po lougi leiče Tebi naj se glasi Bod' moja Pastirče mlado Devojka je išla u goru zelenu Fruške, jabuke, slive Tribučko kolo


  • Title: Kako se ti meni dopadeš (en. How I Fancy You)
  • Year of publishing: 2012
  • Song list:

    Matjaž Predanič (1987):
    Pihalni kvintet Virtuoso Krško:
    Darja Dobršek – flute
    Eva Drolc – oboe
    Peter Gabrič – clarinet
    Dejan Učakar – bassoon
    Marko Arh – horn

    Črt Sojar Voglar (1976):
    Tanja Kadivnik – cello

    Mojca Prus (1982):
    Matjaž Predanič – accordion

    Ambrož Čopi (1973):

    Uršula Jašovec (1986):
    ČE SE BOM ŽENIL 5:05
    BOD’ MOJA 3:10

    Vladimir Hrovat (1947):
    Darja Dobršek – piccolo
    Amir Tokić – solist/soloist
    Uroš Piltaver, Alenka Černelič Krošelj,
    Andrej Cizl, Irena Hribar – soloists
    Vanja Ivanković – alto flute, flute

    prir./arr.  Helena Vidic (1987):
    noviteta, prva izvedba/novelty, first performance
    Članice Tamburaškega orkestra Ferdo Livadić Samobor
    Members of Tamburica orchestra Ferdo Livadić Samobor, Croatia:
    Maja Trucek, Lucija Fabek – bisernica
    Antonija Djurić, Ines Kovačić, Iva Vrbanić – brač
    Petra Bušljeta – čelo, Klara Šimičić – bugarija, Valentina Šimičić – bas

  • Sound engineer: Rudolf Gas
  • Production and editing: Gas Studios
  • Mastering: Rudolf Gas
  • Manufactured by: Racman AudioVideo Studio
  • Photography: Amir Tokić
  • Design: Amir Tokić
  • Texts: Alenka Černelič Krošelj
  • Publisher: KD MePZ Viva Brežice, februar 2012