Viva's 22nd annual concert

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On Saturday, October 17th 2015 at 19:30 Viva held its 22nd annual concert, addressed "Slovenian Song Without Borders". We have decided that this year the concert would be performed only once, without repetition, as we have done in the past few seasons.


Vivat, crescat, floreat (1997)

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First Viva's CD, following the 5th anniversary (1997).

Listen to some song samples:

Lojze Lebič: Tihi gaj
Jakob Jež: Kdaj rože cveto
Jakob Jež: 2. suita narodnih - Pleši, črni kos
Jakob Jež: Komar z muho


  • Title: Vivat, crescat, floreat! (en. Live, Grow And Flourish!)
  • Year of publishing: 1997
  • List of songs:

    1. Wilhelm Killmayer: Villanella
    2. Jacob Arcadelt: Il bianco e dolce cigno
    3. Felix Mendelsson Bartholdy: Trauergesang
    4. Anton Bruckner: Locus iste
    5. Charles-Camille Saint-Saens: Ave verum corpus
    6. Felix Mendelsson Bartholdy: Slovo od gozda
    7. Lojze Lebič: Tihi gaj
    8. Vilko Ukmar: Skica na koncertu
    9. Samo Vremšak: Zgodaj odhajajo
    10. Ubald Vrabec: Protuletje
    11. Emil Adamič: Rasti, rožmarin
    12. Pavle Merku: Sonce Ljubo
    13. Jakob Jež: Kdaj rože cveto
    14. Matija Tomc: Vuštnejša ja ni
    15. Radovan Gobec: Iz zemlje gre trsek
    16. Jakob Jež: 2. suita narodnih;
    - Barčica
    - Pleši, črni kos
    - Rasla je Jelka
    - Jabolko rudeče
    20. Jakob Jež: Komar z muho

  • Publisher: KD MePZ Viva Brežice, October 2008

Odkar vem zanjo (2002)

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Viva's 2nd CD, published following the choir's 10th anniversary (2002).

Listen to some selected song samples:

Zdenek Lukáš: Lacymosa
Gabriel Fauré: Cantique de Jean Racine, Op. 11
Mojca Prus: Odkar vem zanjo
Jakob Jež: Igraj kolce


  • Title: Odkar vem zanjo (en. Since I've Known Of Her)
  • Year of publishing: 2002
  • Song list:

    1. Vytautas Miškinis: Gloria, Psalm 112
    2. Zdenek Lukáš: Lacymosa
    3. Pavle Merku: Pater noster
    4. Knut Nystedt: Laudate
    5. Gioacchino Rossini: Ave Maria
    6. Gabriel Fauré: Cantique de Jean Racine, Op. 11
    7. Michael Praetorius: Nun Bitten Wir Den Heiligen Geist
    8. Jaohannes Brahms: Nachtwache 1, Op. 104, št. 1
    9. Mojca Prus: Odkar vem zanjo
    10. Vilko Ukmar: Pa da bi znal
    11. Emil Adamič: Rožmarin
    12. Mihael Rožanc: Dober večer, Bog daj
    13. Pavle Merku: Jnjen čeuá jti gná
    14. Lojze Lebič: Drumlca je zvomlana
    15. Aldo Kumar: Kantaj nineta
    16. Ambrož Čopi: san se šetao
    17. Jakob Jež: Igraj kolce

  • Design: Marko Škofca
  • Publisher: KD MePZ Viva Brežice, October 2008

Vrtiljak (2008)

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The carousel of friendship, passion, wishes, dreams, expectations, musical creativity, enthusiasm and elation - that's Viva. Carousel of evergreen songs, memorable Slovenian pop songs, the world's hits and the songs for the soul - that's our third CD, which rounds off the celebration of the jubilee 15th year.

Our travel through these years has been marked with numerous awards and compliments, we had a lot of nice experiences, spend exceptional moments, experience the greatness of victory, felt the devotion to each other. We hope that these melodies are giving away some unforgettable moments to you too. Let it live, grow and flourish!

On our CD from 2008 you will find 12 songs.
Listen to some outtakes:

What A Wonderful World
You Are The New Day
Bohemian Rhapsody
When I Fall In Love
Chanson d'amour
Nad mestom se dani
Na deževen dan
Vrača se pomlad
Pred mano je poletje
Poletna noč


  • Naslov: Vrtiljak (en. The Carousel)
  • Year of publishig: 2008
  • Song list:

    1. What A Wonderful World     
    2. You Are The New Day     
    3. Lullabye     
    4. Bohemian Rhapsody     
    5. When I Fall In Love     
    6. Chanson d'amour
    7. Nad mestom se dani     
    8. Vrtiljak     
    9. Na deževen dan     
    10. Vrača se pomlad     
    11. Pred mano je poletje     
    12.  Poletna noč

  • Sound engineer: Rudolf Gas
  • Production and editing: Gas Studios
  • Mastering: Martin Žvelc
  • Manufactured by: Racman AudioVideo Studio
  • Photography: Maja Sokolič
  • Design: Amir Tokić
  • Texts: Irena Hribar (SI original, F, I), Mojca retelj (GB, D))
  • Publisher: KD MePZ Viva Brežice, oktober 2008
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