Hola! Viva's Catalan adventure

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Mixed choir Viva Brežice attended the 34th international music festival Cantonigròs in the town Vic in Catalonia, Spain. Our journey lasted for a week, from Wednesday, July 14th to Wednesday, July 20th 2016.

The festival attracted many choral and dance groups from Europe, Asia and America. It has got a well established tradition and is profoundly integrated into the town's life. This year there was a mandatory composition for the mixed choirs to perform in the competition: Ave Maria by Tomas Luis de Victoria (1548-1611), one of the most important composers of his time.

Viva competed in two different categories, mixed choir category on friday morning and folk song category on saturday morning. Along with the two competing appearences Viva also did two evening performances on Friday and Saturday, along with an unexpected Sunday koncert in extraordinary city cathedral, painted with gold and squid ink. Our audience was able to hear different types of programe and we hopefuly presented our love to the music not only to the joury, but also to a broader audience.

There were 19 music groups competing altogether, 13 of them were also in the mixed choir category. Our choir has wan the 4th place with a special festival award. We are really proud of our achievement. It represents another piece in Viva's colorful competing mosaic.

Viva, of course, also loves enjoy itself. That's why we extended our Catalan adventure and enriched it with some sightseeing in Barcelona. We were tasting Catalan food and were going about a bit to recharge our batteries and get some creative energy for Viva's future challenges. We are planning to show you some of the music impressions that were inspired by our trip on our traditional annual concert in Brežice Castle on October 22nd 2016.

See you soon!

Your Viva


Naša pesem 2016 competition: Silver award

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Dear friends of choral singing and our faithful listeners, we have just heard about the results of 24th Slovenian choral competition Naša pesem Maribor 2016. Our choir Viva reached 85.7 points and won the Silver award of the city Maribor! We are very pleased with our performance and the achievement.

We were competing with the following selection of songs:

  • Vulc: Cantate Domino (video available below)
  • Quaggiato: V Šmihelu no kajžico mam
  • Da Victoria: Ave Maria
  • Becker: Bleibe Abend will es werden

In two days of the competition 92 different compositions - 22 of Slovenian and 30 of foreign composers - were presented to the audience. Among them 7 novelties and 2 first performances and 6 songs of Slovenian Composers were performed. There were 25 Slovenian choirs and small singing groups in competition.

On this occasion Viva was singing in brand new uniforms, in which we will comfortably take our future challenges.

Vivat, crescat, floreat! :)

Photo: Janez Erzen, JSKD

Video: JSKD


Naša pesem competition 2016

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Viva is going to attend Slovenian choral competition Naša pesem 2016 in Maribor, Slovenia. The competition is being held every second year and we are competing once again. The singing assemblies from Republic of Slovenia or slovenian assemblies from abroad may attend it. Small singing groups (4 to 11 singers) and adult singing mixes, female or male choir with at least 12 singers can compete. Singers are not allowed to be proffesionals, but they can have a conductor who is a professional musician.

We are happy to invite you to listen to us in the Union hall Maribor on Saturday, April 23rd 2016, at 5 PM.

Your Viva Team


Prepevajmo pomladi 2016

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We are preparing our annual spring concert "Prepevajmo pomladi" (en. "Singing To The Spring"), which will be on Saturday, April 2nd 2016, at 7 PM in the church of St. Rok in Brežice. Viva will sing together with our guests, Brežice High School Mixed Youth Choir.

See you soon! Your Viva

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